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Carry Your Smoking Accessories in Style

Handcrafted from high quality wood, our stash kits provide a smart way to carry your essentials. The LEMN box is designed to enhance your smoking experience on the go and make sure you look neat doing it. 

Easy Portability

Each element in our kit has been thoughtfully placed to create an elegant, pocket-size product. Without sacrificing usability, the box can easily be carried around without hassle.

Highly Discreet

Stealth mode: ON. With a built-in rubber seal to prevent smells from coming out, your on-the-go cannabis storage never looked easier. Keep your essentials in plain sight without fret.

Artisanal Quality

Finished by hand, we cushion the kits with premium Italian leather. Because we care greatly about details, the logo on each box is gilded with gold leaf for an elegant vibe. Custom wood and leather color available.

The Goods Inside

Grinder & Container

Designed to match, our grinders and containers are made from high quality, durable materials. They come in a size which insures both the practicality and usability we take pride in.

Poking Tool

Small but mighty, the poking tool stands as a signature of our kit and is 100% handcrafted. The magnetic end and the leather wrap for an extra grip insure that it stays with you.

Rolling Tray & More

We’ve transformed the box lid to double as a rolling tray and included enough space for you to fit some pre-rolls, a lighter, and either papers with tips or a pipe. 

We bring quality, practicality and innovation into your everyday journey.

Customize Your Stash Box Now

Use our stash box builder to create your custom LEMN stashbox. Choose from a variety of sizes, wood, accessories, and cushioning.

LEMN Cannabis Stash Boxes Are Coming Soon

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